Day 6 - Asheville, NC

Hey all! 

We had a short but fun day in Asheville on Monday. It took us about 5 hours (including a beautiful drive through the Smoky Mountains) to get to my uncle Steve and aunt Joy's house. After a tour of my uncle's art studio, we went to The Bywater, which, for my Denton friends, is similar to Oak Street Draft House except it's right on the water so all the hippies were down there floating the river. We opted out of the open mic that night and instead went over to the Grey Eagle. They were having a Contra dance night, which is a sort of old-fashioned Scots-Irish folk dance. Nothing you would see hundreds of young people doing in North Texas. 

We ended up close to my uncle's place at the Altamont brewing company for a night cap and got a (relatively) early night's sleep. For my first visit, Asheville seemed pretty all right! I'm left with the impression that by comparison, Austin doesn't keep it that weird. I'm looking forward to being back here during daylight hours so I can see more of the town. It's extremely easy to get lost out here. The roads make absolutely no sense. 

The farther east we go, the more people shoot us dirty looks when they find out we're from Texas. Maybe they're jealous of our intuitively laid out roads or the fact that we were never invaded by the North. Either way, we're taking it in stride and having an awesome time. Tonight we're in Saxapahaw staying with some of Cody's family. Will update when there's updates to be had. See ya!