Day 1-Denton to Little Rock

Ok! I have never blogged before, and this is going to take some getting used to. Please, bear with me while I learn the ropes here. It's day one of my southeast tour with Cody Maxwell and so far, so good.

We left Denton for Little Rock about 10 am and made really good time down I-30 in to Arkansas. We snacked on mixed nuts and apple slices and listened to some Hayes Carll, Blood on the Tracks, and Conor Oberst.  Heavy traffic followed by heavy rain slowed us down a little bit but we got in to town around 6 pm and we headed over to Afterthought near UA Little Rock for their weekly open mic. Cody did some research and the Afterthought seemed to have one of the best open mics in town.

He was right. It was awesome. I had no idea what to expect out here in LIttle Rock, and the part of town we were in was full of hippies, old and young. My people! A car drove by the venue blasting Bob Dylan's "Hurricane" as I overheard a college-age girl regaling a captive audience of young men about how she…let's say…enjoys herself while listening to Faith Hill's "Breathe." Whatever floats your boat, I guess. In general, lots of people wanted to talk about our trip, buy a CD

It was a wild night packed with folk music and occasionally too much information. But, we had a lot of fun and if I knew Little Rock could be this much fun, I'd have come here sooner. Tomorrow we hop on over to Memphis. Daniel will probably have photos and videos from today online later tonight or tomorrow morning, and I'll link to those when they become available. See ya!